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Resolve your hard water problems in Saylorsburg, PA, with Pocono Well and Pump Service

Improve the quality of your water with water conditioners and softeners from Pocono Well and Pump Service. We have products to remedy water issues including cloudy and contaminated water and hard water. Call today to learn more about how you can improve your water supply in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania with water conditioners and water softeners.

Hard water is not as discernable as other water conditions

Know how to recognize the signs of hard water, then call Pocono Well and Pump Service

While you can clearly detect contaminants that cause your water to become discolored, cloudy and odorous, identifying hard water is a bit more difficult. Call Pocono Well and Pump Service if you notice signs of hard water, which can include:

  • Spots on your dishes after they have been in the dishwasher
  • Clothes become worn/discolored quickly
  • Poor performance from appliances that use hot water
  • Shower scum/ring in bathtub
  • Dry skin, eyes and hair

Need to remove Iron and Sulfur from your well water or If you think your home’s water supply may be tainted by hard water, call Pocono Well and Pump Service for a free water testing.

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