Make Sure Every Sip Is Refreshing

Make Sure Every Sip Is Refreshing

We offer effective water treatment services in Saylorsburg, PA

Did you know that faucet water can contain waterborne germs and disease-causing agents? With this in mind, drinking from the kitchen sink faucet seems like a dangerous undertaking. But buying bottle after bottle of purified water is too expensive—not to mention inconvenient.

How do you get the refreshing water you need for daily living? Pocono Well and Pump Service has the perfect solution for you. We offer water treatment services in the Saylorsburg, PA area.


With our water treatments, you can have safe drinking water right at your fingertips year-round. We’ll install a water filtration system on your property to:

  • Filter your water. The water will pass through sand, gravel and charcoal to remove dust, parasites and bacteria.
  • Disinfect your water. Chlorine will help to kill any remaining waterborne germs when the drinking water passes through your pipes.
  • Make your water safe for use. No more worrying about impurities and parasites in the water you rely on for drinking, cooking and bathing. Every drop will be guaranteed refreshing.

Ready to clear up the issues with your drinking water? Call now to schedule your water treatment service in Saylorsburg, PA.