Pocono Sump Pump Installation & Repairs

Keeping your basement dry and moisture free is often a real problem In the Poconos. To combat this problem, Pocono Well & Pump installs affordable sump pumps to remove excess water from your basement and prevent flooding. Even if flooding is a rare occurrence, the damage can be extensive and expensive to repair. Prevention is always a lower cost solution. Basement waterproofing is helpful but not always enough to stop persistent dampness or flooding.

Pocono Sump Pumps

Simply put, a sump pump removes water that accumulates in a basin in a Poconos basement. It can be funneled to the basin by perimeter drains, but often rain water leaks in though cracks in basement walls or seeps up from natural ground water if the basement is below the water table.

Pumps direct the water some place where it no longer is a problem. Excess water can be discharged into a dry well, an exterior drain, or to a sewer line if that is permitted by your municipality. Pocono Well & Pump can tell you what the plumbing codes allow in your area and make sure your installation complies with local ordinances.

The sump pump only turns on when it detects water accumulating in the basin. Usually, the pump is hardwired into your home’s electrical system. Pocono Well & Pump can install a battery backup if there is an electrical outage so your pump always works in an emergency. A sump pump can be set for manual or automatic operation. In automatic mode, sensors detect rising or falling water level to turn the pump on and off. The pump should have some alarm or warning light to alert the homeowner if the pump is either clogged or failing to operate properly. It’s better to know there is a problem before the basin overflows. Sensors and backup systems should be tested regularly to make sure they will work when you need them.

Internal pressure switches or exterior floats sense water level and must be tested periodically to make sure they are functioning. Have Pocono Well & Pump check your existing sump pump to see if you need a replacement or repair. Also, if you have had flooding in spite of having a system, we can tell if another system with more horsepower and pumping capacity is needed.

Some sump systems have a second backup basin in the event of rapid water accumulation due to a sudden rainstorm or flooding. Pocono Well & Pump has the experience to know what you need in your situation.

Expert Sump Pump Installation & Repair

Depending on your basement, Pocono Well & Pump will recommend whether to use a submersible or a pedestal type pump. The pedestal pump remains above the sump and is more easily serviced but it is more visible. This may not be the best choice for a nicely finished basement when there is no place to hide the pump. Submersible pumps tend to be less audible when operating since they are in the basin, but they also do not last as long as pedestal pumps.

Once Pocono Well & Pump has installed your new system, you can arrange yearly maintenance to be certain it will always work when you need it.