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Well Pumps & Water Well Drilling in Blakeslee PA

Pocono Well and Pump knows the Pocono region, specifically in the Blakeslee area, after working in the Pocono Mountains for over 25 years. If you find your home water system requires the installation of a new water well pump or the replacing of a used pump or if you would like us to come assess your current water system, Pocono Well and Pump offers professional services to cover all of your water system needs from well pump installation toall types of well drilling pump and drilling services.

We can improve the quality of your water in your home in Blakeslee, because we have the ability to test and assess all the integrated pieces of your residential or commercial water system to make sure you are receiving optimal water output to meet your unique needs. Your water quality is also one of our primary concerns. We will test it and start conditioning measures to treat it. Please don’t wait.Call us so we can save you and your family from experiencing significant disruption in your water service.

Trusted Well & Water System Testing and Diagnosis in Blakeslee

There are many factors involved when you install a new pump in Blakeslee, PA. The best choice of pump type available will be determined by your specific geological conditions. We will drill down to determine how far below the surface your ground water level sits. We have extensive experience reading geological surveys of both new construction and existing home sites in order to provide optimal well driller access to the water supply and can advise and assist in the well permitting process if you are required to enter into it.

The first type of basic well pump is a shallow jet pump and the second is a submersible well pump. The depth of your water resources will dictate the use of one or the other. For a shallow well(defined as less than 25 feet deep), a shallow jet well pump works in almost every instance, but for deep wells (anywhere from 25 to 110 feet) you will require a deep jet pump. If we need to go anywhere from 100-400 feet down to reach a reliable water source, we may recommend a deep well submersible pump. Read more about our well services here: http://poconowellandpump.com/pocono-well-installation.

Actually, you may not need a new well pump. If that is the case, we can save you a significant amount of money. If your Blakeslee well pump draws water and/or pushes water at an inconsistent rate, we can check for possible malfunctioning in the motor casing, control switch, wire connection, power source and gallons per minute for tank fill time. We also install and service water softening systems, water treatment and septic systems, and hot water heaters.

If you are experiencing a water emergency, we don’t want you to have to take the children or grandchildren and stay at a hotel near Blakeslee or elsewhere in Monroe County. We know eating out every night at the Blakeslee Inn or elsewhere can get expensive. We also know it can be a huge expense and inconvenience to be without water even if you decide to rough it at home. Pocono Well and Pump will get the job done while allowing you to stay in your home without significantly disrupting your routine working with persistence to expedite the job.

Experienced Water Well Pump Drilling & Testing Contractors

Pocono Well and Pump provides customer service above and beyond expectation. You will receive updates on the factors influencing the project throughout each phase, and we will provide follow-up services to assure your water service and quality exceed your expectations. We receive a “well report” when we finish a project from each of our highly-satisfied customers in Blakeslee and all throughout the Poconos. They appreciate the investment they make in their water systems. Operating a commercial business or own a residential property in the Poconos means you place a high premium on your water reliability. We do to and we can meet and exceed your expectations

If you are looking to improve your water system and live in the Blakeslee, Pennsylvania area – look no further! Provide us with your contact information by filling out the contact form and find out more throughout the site. You can also call us 24/7 at 570-243-1679, and we will come do a full complete assessment.