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Well Pumps & Water Well Drilling in Kunkletown PA

If you have just purchased a home in the Kunkletown area, you may be interested to know, according to the PA DCNR:

“More than a million homeowners in Pennsylvania depend on private water supplies for their drinking water needs. In Pennsylvania, protection and maintenance of a private well is basically the responsibility of the homeowner. Private wells are typically safe, dependable sources of water if sited wisely and constructed properly; however, there are no statewide construction or siting standards for private water wells.”

What does that mean? You want to get your water systems fully inspected by a professional service because you don’t know what the qualifications of the person who installed them were. If you are looking to improve your water system and live in the Kunkletown, Pennsylvania area you can trust we have gained a specific knowledge of the local Pocono region, specifically the Kunkletown area and can serve all your water system needs.

Please know, we not only provide services as well pump installers, but we also install water softening systems, water treatment, septic systems, and hot water heaters.To make sure you are receiving the optimal water output for your Kunkletown residential or commercial needs, we thoroughly assess the integrated pieces of the system. If you are located in any of the Pocono communities operating a commercial business or if you are a homeowner and you place a high premium on your water quality and reliability, checkout your options: Well and Grinder Pump Repairs

Trusted Kunkletown Well & Water System Testing and Diagnosis

Let us perform an in-depth assessment, especially if you already have a functioning well pump, and the pump is failing to reliably control your water for your source near Kunkletown effectively. Does your pump draw water and/or pushes water at an inconsistent rate? Pocono Well and Pump can check for malfunction in the motor casing, control switch, wire connection, power source and gallons per minute for tank fill time. It might require a replacement or we may be able to fix it with a simple repair or part replacement.

You might be looking to install a new well, and if so be aware there are many factors involved in determining the best choice of pump type available to operate under your specific conditions in Kunkletown. We start the process by drilling to explore how far below the surface we need to drill to reach your site’s ground water.

There are two basic types of well pumps, a shallow jet pump and a submersible well pump. Which well pump if right for your Kunkletown property depends on the depth of your water resources. For a shallow well which is less than 25 feet deep, a shallow jet well pump may work, but for deep wells ranging from 25 to 110 feet, you will most likely require a deep jet pump. We might recommend a deep well submersible pump for depths that ranging from 25 to 400 feet to reach a reliable water source at that level.

We have strong knowledge of the well drillers standards, rules and regulations. We know how to take advantage of surface water to decrease your environmental impact and can provide “green” water recycling suggestions. We have extensive experience with the installation in and around Kunkletown of all types of well pumps, including those with money-saving geothermal features.

Experienced Water Well Pump Drilling & Testing Contractors in PA

Let us know your questions, and we can help you better understand the information on all of the facets of your well surrounding your water use, water well location, water supply, water pressure, water level.Pocono Well and Pump will provide quality customer service, just ask your Kunkletown neighbors, as we make sure your well drilling and water pump installation is tested and performing right before we finish the project.

Trust our highly-satisfied customers in Kunkletown and all throughout the Poconos.We generate a “well report” each time we have a completed project, and our clients tell us they don’t regret the investment in their water systems and they are confident in our work. We will complete a full assessment of your site and provide you with a complete well construction project proposal. Call us 24/7 at 570-243-1679 so we can schedule a no-obligation, FREE consultation today or complete the contact form.