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Questioning the reliability or performance of your water system components on a property near Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064 or the Northampton County vicinity? Does your pump requiring repair because it isn’t functioning to control your water effectively? Does it draw water and/or push water at an inconsistent rate? We can check the motor casing, control, switch, tank fill time, wire connection, power source and gallons per minute to determine if the pump requires full replacement or partial repair. We could save you significant money by fixing your current pump, or help you determine if it is time for a replacement.

At Pocono Well and Pump we can advise you as to when it makes financial sense to replace a pump, tank, softener, or heater knowing you can greatly improve water service and efficiency with a new pump motor. New pumps use electricity more efficiently and new tanks provide better water pressure with improved quality in water testing which ensures for you the best drinking water. Let us help you determine if your current water system requires the installation of a new water well pump and or new pressure tanks or maybe we can repair a used pump or your existing pressure tank.

There are two main types of well pumps -shallow jet and deep submersible well pumps. Which one you use is determined by the depth of your water resources. A shallow well is defined by a depth measurement less than 25 feet. In this case, a shallow jet well pump will usually work, but for deep wells anywhere from 25 to 110 feet, you will most likely require a deep jet pump. Deep well submersible pumps are utilized for depths ranging from 25 to 400 feet.

There are several influential factors involved in determining the best choice of pump type available to operate under your unique site conditions. We perform a test drill to determine how far below the surface we need to drill out to reach your best ground water level relying on geological surveys to make sure when the water table drops, you will maintain the same reliable service. We also have extensive experience assessing new construction sites in Northampton to provide optimal well drillers access to a reliable water supply.

Trusted Nazareth PA Well & Water System Testing and Diagnosis

We have extensive experience with the installation of all types of well pumps, including geothermal installations and can install new well pumps, as well as fix currently ineffective or broken pumps. We know how to take advantage of surface water to decrease your environmental impact and can provide.

Experienced Water Well Pump Drilling & Testing Contractors in Nazareth and the Valley

We go above and beyond your expectation making every Nazareth and Greater Lehigh Valley well owner we work with a highly-satisfied customer. We ensure your well drilling work, water pump installation, softener, heater or septic system is tested and performing exactly as it should before we finish the project on your Nazareth site.As the well owner, you will find Pocono Well and Pump provides knowledgeable, responsive, and high-quality customer service.

Lehigh Valley and Pocono Mountain customers at Pocono Well and Pump give us feedback after our completed well project in a well report which consistently reflects high satisfaction. Nazareth home and business owners like yourself report a remarkably high return of value on the dollar for their investment in our water system improvement measures.

Don’t wait too long to call us!! We can save you and your family significant disruption in water service and the inconvenience which results. We have a strong current working knowledge of the well drillers standards for Nazareth, PA homes, as well as all the government specifications, building codes, rules and EPA regulations. We can answer all of your questions as we better understand the information on your water use, water well location, water supply, water pressure, and fluctuating water levels due to historic Nazareth water levels on record and those currently through testing.

Visit our the rest of our website and check out links to our full range of services and testimonials. We offer 24/7 emergency service and will come to your Monroe County home or business to complete a full assessment of your project needs. We can then provide you with a water service construction project proposal you can trust. We will come in at the right price and on a timeframe which doesn’t leave you high and dry. Feel free to pick up the phone and call us right now at 570-243-1679.